Noh Omar says the halal certification process should be simplified as the applicants are Malay Muslim entrepreneurs. – EPA pic, August 20, 2022.

AGENCIES involved in the halal certification process should try to simplify the procedures and regulations, especially to assist Malay Muslim entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Noh Omar said.

“As the minister responsible for looking after entrepreneurs, I hope the certification process will be simplified as the applicants are Malay Muslim traders. It is highly unlikely that they would want to sell non-halal goods,” he told reporters after attending a dialogue session with entrepreneurs during the Selangor Keluarga Malaysia Aspirations Tour in Shah Alam today.

He said entrepreneurs often raise this matter and his ministry has a special unit to guide them in obtaining halal certification.




“I have raised this issue in cabinet, but the problem has persisted. I am asking the relevant parties to review the procedures and rules to simplify the process. We want entrepreneurs to make a comeback,” Noh said.

The dialogue session was also attended by Deputy Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Muslimin Yahaya, Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Ministry secretary-general Suriani Ahmad and representatives from 11 agencies under the ministry.

The three-day Selangor Keluarga Malaysia Aspirations Tour kicked off yesterday with various interesting programmes and activities planned for visitors.

Organised by the ministry, the eighth edition of the event, themed “Malaysian Family Entrepreneurs Driving the National Economy”, saw the participation of about 100 small and medium industry entrepreneurs. – Bernama, August 20, 2022.

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