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KUALA LUMPUR: Short-term interbank rates closed steady today on Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) operations to absorb surplus liquidity from the financial system.

Liquidity in the conventional system rose to RM37.18 billion from RM32.0 billion this morning, while for Islamic funds, it went down to RM30.36 billion from RM34.61 billion previously.

The central bank had earlier called for a conventional money market tender, three Qard tenders and, two reverse repo tenders.




BNM had also revised the conventional overnight tender from RM30.6 billion to RM36.2 billion.

At 4 pm, it called for a RM36.2 billion conventional money market tender and a RM30.1 billion Murabahah money market tender, both for three-day money.

The average Islamic overnight rate stood at 1.72 per cent, while the one-, two- and three-week rates stood at 1.78 per cent, 1.82 per cent and 1.85 per cent, respectively. - Bernama

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