THE politicians governing the country are pretending nothing is wrong and hoping that the problems will go away. They couldn’t be more obvious about it.

Power is the problem.

A weak government has always found it useful to keep people under-educated and under-employed so that they do not ask inconvenient questions.

Currently, there is a crisis of competitiveness, as our neighbours, especially Indonesia and Vietnam, are racing ahead economically. 

The people are increasingly frustrated that their living standards have dropped through enforced austerity and that their taxes are used to bail out the government. 

The people have power – great power – but sadly they do not know how to use it to hold the the politicians to account. 

Over the last two years, the people have forgotten who represents them in parliament and which side they are on. Most do not care. 

Both the past and present administrations have shown the people that elections don’t mean anything. 

The government appears disoriented; perpetually campaigning but never actually achieving anything. Every day, some politician from one party or other will talk about how to win power.

Faced with many issues that they do not know how to resolve or have no intention of resolving, the politicos have resorted to the oldest trick in the playbook – distractions.




Politicians know that the people easily get distracted. 

It is easy to get the people to stop focusing on their problems and turn gratefully to something more immediately gratifying.

The bogeyman could be nationalism, race, religion – anything that the politicians can portray as the enemy of the people.

Hatred for a community or a religion is allowed to ferment over a period of time, instilled through public messages and in school. 

The politicians ensure that education is not accessible to those most in need of it. If you become too educated, then they must provide jobs for you, and you may also ask questions.

It helps to keep people undereducated and distracted so that they pay no heed to the politicians’ agendas. Modern technology abets the propagation of such political designs, spearheaded by the intelligence unit.

They don’t provide regular updates on issues besetting the country – with the exception of Covid data – and are always warning the public not to speculate, even over something as pedestrian as a traffic accident.

It is not because the public can’t handle the information but because the politicians and the authorities can’t. 

None are willing to treat the people as adults.

This is so that no one will eventually ask hard questions such as, where are we?; how did we get here?

With more uncertainties expected in the months ahead, the people should brace for more distractions to be hurled their way.

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